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06-29-06 00:41
I need to go sleep now..
05-08-06 21:31
I think often about what will happen when college comes. It is about a year and a half away. What if I'm far? Will we know each other anymore? Of course we will..don't be crazy! I don't think we will frequently be close physically, which is just a prediction. It is not a happy prediction, and I do not think we will be in the same city for the majority of our days. As much as I don't want to think about this, it always comes back to me. I need to just live. I always tell myself to just live, but it seems that when I don't keep track of the time, it slips by too fast and I'm never prepared for the transitions. I suppose there is always a chance that I won't even have to make a transition. That would make me happy :)
04-27-06 23:25
holy fucking shit. i seriously cant ever do anything right. i guess i just have to prove myself again. thats cool, im cool with that. i love her to death...i hope she knows that.
But words just arent enough sometimes.
04-27-06 21:59
what is making her unhappy?..
i think it is me. im not sure what is going on. im not sure if anything is going on really. but i can sort of sense something. ive sensed it all week. from everyone. I guess im not really trying hard enough to make her happy. maybe its something completely different. i really dont know. im out of ideas. im always out of ideas.
04-15-06 00:12
Something strange is happening with everybody. I don't understand it, nor do I even know that this strange something exists. It is an intuitive thought, rather. Maybe things are all about to come together for everyone. Maybe people are going their seperate ways. Maybe my thoughts are a giant puddle of bogus. I guess I will find out some day soon.
Maybe everyone is falling apart. Maybe they are falling away from me. It is very possible that they have grown sick and tired of me. I am repetative, no surprises. Thats how its supposed to be though, right? I mean, what surprises could take place? And what am I supposed to do to activate them!?!!? fuck it. Im sticking with the original. The good ol'. The consistant.
I suppose I should focus more on the future's surprises than my own.
03-29-06 23:00
Hi Elowel. I haven't talked to you in a while. Maybe it's because I got bored of you :D
Nah, I wish I were that good of a straight shooter. Haha, I have no idea what this post is about. I guess I'm just bored with the items on the desk in front of me, therefor I turn to my original source of boredom for help. Original source of boredom, please help me!!! First of all, my cellular telephone does not have an adequate number of games on it to properly entertain the complexities of the average human brain (although I am guilty of a 3 hour Tetris trance in the past, making me a giant hypocrit), and secondly, MY WALLET IS RETARTED!!! I need one of those sweet leather wallets that have like 2 or 3 different ways they can open.

okay, well I have to go to bed. goodnight.
01-11-06 20:04
I did not understand today...
It was uneventful until the events took place. And when they did, they took me by surprise.
Odd weather struck the backround of the scene with a dpressing energy. It seemed as though this was only another breakthrough to the truth of the world. Many breakthroughs are to come, I shall expect.

Why expect?

..I should not expect. And now, I sit here avoiding the night's work.
... 01-04-06 17:53
so on monday I have to wrestle with jocks for two hours...



a shit load of sweaty guys with big muscles trying to throw me on the floor all because I'm late to a class?!

this will be lame...
12-30-05 16:44
So, the break has been quite wonderful. It is simply just too short...
I got to spend a lot of time with the coolest girl ever. She made my break truely magical and I love her.
Hmm..and tonight, we have reservations at Pazzo Ristorante! Anyone been there before? I've heard good things :).
12-19-05 00:54
thats all i have to say. haha...i know this is a lame post, but there arent any words i can really come up with right now. so goodnight :)
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